The diverse personalities of the class attendees make for a vibrant and exciting way to start my mornings! The encouragement you offer each other, your humor and your diligence to the workout is truly an inspiration to me.  Thank you for always working so hard and thank you for your kind words.  See you in the morning!   

                                                                                                                        Smiling at you  – KAREN

"The best I've experienced...appropriate for all ages and stages of fitness."


"I LOVE the parks and rec department's high intensity interval fitness class for many reasons: One, Karen Decker is a great trainer/leader. Two: The workout is really, really good. It's the best I've experienced.  Three: It is appropriate for all ages (I'm 62) and stages of fitness (fairly fit with much room for improvement). Four: You can modify the exercises to accommodate fitness level or injuries, and/or bow out of a rotation at any time -- or step up your own intensity. Five: It is non-judgemental -- everyone is doing their own thing and no one is paying attention to anyone else. Six: It does not involve makeup or cute outfits."                                                         

                                                                                                   - MARY


"The minutes really do fly by and before I know it, we're done and I feel GOOD!"


This from the gal who used to cut gym. I do not like exercising but I make an exception for Karen's HIIT class. It's just long enough and challenging enough to be a good workout, but not so long or so hard that I get discouraged. Karen's vibrant personality keeps me energized and the ever-changing sequence of exercises means it doesn't get routine or boring. The minutes really do fly be and before I know it, we're done and I feel GOOD!

                                                                                                   - DEVORAH

"I'm one of a growing number of young (50's) retirees who are active and fit. One of the reasons I came to Port Aransas to retire are the group fitness classes put on by Karen Decker at the city's parks and recreation department. Both the HIIT and strength training classes have allowed me to get stronger and in overall better shape than I was in my 20's, 30's and 40's. Thank you Karen for your coaching and encouragement. Stay strong. "                                                               -BILL

"Why HIIT class???  Why not!!!"

    Never in my life did I think I could handle Karen’s class.  I was a 54 year old that was overweight and completely out of shape.  I did play at water aerobics, no disrespect to water aerobics, but HIIT is completely different.  A dear friend talked me into going to HIIT one day, I did reluctantly.   I was so terrified, I could barely write my own name on the first day.  I had heard “rumors” of how tough this woman was.  To be honest, it was the ladies at the pool.  Karen watched me like a hawk to make sure I did not over do the first day.  I could only handle 3 intervals for a long time.  Then, I could do 4, then 5, then 6 - now I do all 8 intervals.  I think she would look at me and think I was sick if I didn’t do all the intervals.  Benefits of HIIT, first and foremost, my husband loves the way my body has transformed, he is my biggest fan.  My self confidence is out the roof.  Family doctor no longer wants to send me to a cardiologist.  The health benefits are just amazing.  Nothing like going and getting a good ole sweat on.  I do sweat!  I’ve never been a runner, a skipper or somebody could even do a real live push up.  Not to mention, sit ups or v ups, I can do it all!  Never had heard of a plank, now I do all kinds of planks.  Back to my body transformation, I love this part.  A guy friend, dear friend, made the comment on how my body has changed.  He is not one to pay many compliments, so it was extra special.  So at - almost - 55 I am healthier and stronger today than I ever have been.  I have actually been stopped and had my legs commented on.  How fun is that!  That’s why I get up early 3 days a week, much to the shock of my sweet husband, and get to HIIT.  Another fun note are the folks that HIIT with us.  I made some wonderful new friends.  Everybody is so encouraging to each other.  We actually have a little HIIT family going on and I love them all!  Come join our family and get super healthy!"            -LAURA





                                                                                                                                 * Certified Personal Trainer.

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